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Footwear company in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

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Good anti-slip, ultra-light, stylish anti-slip protective shoes help protect your feet anytime, anywhere, and many workers, engineers, employees in restaurants, hotels, sick favored institute… “Footwear company in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam”

Footwear company in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam


Natural endowed with human for everything, but it will also regain everything from us if we do not protect our environment, people around the world are very concerned about health and safety, as well as protect the environment.

Together we aim to respond to the world, we did extensive research and experience in the field of footwear in the years to bring to our community more product line footwear such as Flip flops, thongs, slippers, indoor slippers, insoles support, belly belt, carpetbagger, etc… which has produced by the material of Vietnamese people such as: cinnamon bark, lavender, loofah, sedge, natural rubber, Vietnamese brocade, etc. …. with Naturally Footwear brand.Footwear company in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

We launched the product line with unique fashion design, unique colors, elegant and seductive aroma of lavender and cinnamon bark.
The production line of Naturally Footwear (NF) has been studied effect produced by the Institute of Medicine of Ethnic of Ho Chi Minh City Clinics is certified safe products for human health and safety of patients, such as carrying cinnamon belly belt melt belly fat, blood circulation and to enhance digestive function; wearing shoe or insoles support contain lavender powder or cinnamon powder to help treat rheumatism , no smelly feet because of wearing shoes for a long time.

Footwear company in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam
Another study showed us over 21% of adults with knee pain because of many reasons, but the main reason is due to the habit of using improper footwear. Naturally Footwear products are made by soft nature rubber material with smooth tilt and fit to be carefully calculated based on the formula for kinetic protection knee and ankle joints. All products of Naturally Footwear has anti-slip in wet environments.

Footwear company in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam
Please refer to the selection of Naturally Footwear products through catalogues, websites … at following information

Showroom and Office : NATURALLY FOOTWEAR IMEX. CO., LTD.

Address : 45A/1 Go Cam Dem Street, Ward 10, Tan Binh District.
Manufactory: 1010 Huong Lo 2 Street, Binh Tri Dong A Ward, Binh Tan District.
Phone : (+84-028) 3974 1826
Hot line: (+84) 917 488 199
Website :
Email :

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